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Post by mibmg779 on Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:41 am

Online Executive Certificate Programs | MIBM GLobal-Marketing is a domain full of planning and strategies. To be an excellent marketing professional you must be good at planning the promotion and sale of the product or service of your organisation. The basic aim of any organisation is to make profit by selling its service/product and to achieve customer satisfaction. If you fail to achieve these, your business cannot survive for long. This concept is very much clear to the people who belong to the world of business. And so there is always demand for marketing professionals. It is the responsibility of the marketing team of the organisation to initiate the process of profit making and later each domain of the company joins in to achieve the target.

Online Executive Certificate Programs | MIBM GLobal

For the MBAs in marketing it is essential to understand the concept of 4Ps for rising high in the career. While doing management degree course one gets an in depth knowledge of the skills and tools of the marketing domain. Online MBA programmes follow the similar course and whether it is one year master degree programme or two year online MBA programme, both deals with the concept of 4Ps. Product, promotion place and price are the important 4Ps which together form Marketing mix. Marketing mix is an important concept in the area of marketing.

Online Executive Certificate Programs | MIBM GLobal

The theory of marketing mix is essential to satisfy the client and to increase profit. In simple terms 4Ps can be explained as the good promotion of the required product and to sell it at the correct price and at the correct place is important for making profit. One has to be very careful about these 4Ps in order to be a successful marketing professional. Detail knowledge of this concept and following it wisely leads to tremendous growth of the company.


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