One year mba degree (MIBM Global)

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One year mba degree (MIBM Global) Empty One year mba degree (MIBM Global)

Post by mibmg779 on Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:21 am

One year mba degree (MIBM Global)

Online learning or e-learning has turned in to a charmer in the past few years. With a huge number of people getting enrolled to various e learning courses, its worldwide acceptance is very much clear. Be it an online master degree programme, online graduate programme or online certification courses, most of us prefer joining them. There are many surveys done in the market which confirm the tremendous growth of the e- learning globally.

Online courses are mostly preferred for their flexibility. Gone are the days when joining a regular campus course sounded fashionable and we looked forward to join it. E-learning courses are convenient to both the institution and the students. Even the best MBA Schools have their online study programme. Organisations financially get benefitted by offering e-learning programmes. The infrastructure cost involved in an online course gets reduced in comparison with the traditional campus course.

Online Learning Getting Popular Day by Day

The demand of the Certification courses online has boomed as the longer classroom sessions have turned into shorter online classes. Other study programmes have also been designed into shorter module courses for example online one year master degree programme and online executive MBA Programme. The freedom to choose the time to study makes it popular among the students. It also cuts the cost of commuting to the campus. Study materials are available in the form of e books which are convenient to carry and can be used at any time. Professionals can continue with their job while doing a certification or degree course.

E learning has a bright future and gradually all the sectors have realised its importance. So the e- learning degrees are accepted globally. Online courses are those much needed wings which will help you in flying high.Both one year master’s degree and two year master’s programme are equally popular. Continuing with one of them depends upon our requirement. There are some important factors which we must keep in mind before selecting one of the programme.Those who are fresh out of the college and are willing to continue online MBA must go for 2 years MBA programme. The course structure of this programme has been created to make the course interesting for the beginners. The core subjects of the management are taught with other practical exposures.



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