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Post by mibmg779 on Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:53 am

Online MBA (MIBM Global)

Online MBA Classroom vs Campus Classroom

Gone are the days when joining the traditional MBA schools and attending the classes in the campus were fashionable enough to attract the students. With the world moving on the fast pace, everyone now looks for the opportunity to do multitasking. Freedom to earn money and experience while studying is what people look for. Online management degree programmes grab the attention in such a situation.Online degree programmes have got worldwide recognition and are gradually replacing the traditional ways of teaching. Let’s give a quick look at the difference between online MBA classroom and Campus classroom.

MBA Classroom vs Campus Classroom

The most obvious difference is that one is real whereas other is virtual. In campus classroom you meet a set of fellow students as well as your guide to help you through the course. For all those not very friendly with the virtual world finds the real classroom more interesting and trustworthy. But once you get used to of the internet world, virtual classes are always more convenient. Virtual classes use the method of detailed demonstration, video clips and chat room for further discussions. Many a times you cannot see the expert of a particular stream but his guidance is always available for online learners.

The campus classroom learning involves commuting to the institution or staying in the hostel. Which adds on to the expenses of the course. Besides money, a lot of time also gets wasted in travelling. But online classroom has no such extra expenses. It saves the time to travel and provides the flexibility to study at your own convenience.

Campus courses need commitment and you don’t get opportunity to involve in any other value adding course. But online classes give you the freedom to work or get enrolled in any other course simultaneously.

Online MBA programmes are opportunities for those who have a clear idea of their ambition and who wish to achieve it.


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