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Online MBA in One (1) year – MIBM Global Empty Online MBA in One (1) year – MIBM Global

Post by mibmg779 on Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:11 pm

Online MBA in One (1) year – MIBM Global- Business process outsourcing popularly known as BPO is one of the most popular career option amongst the youth. At one side the initial stage of career at BPOs is responsibility combined with fun and at the other side it provides immense career growth opportunities. Management degree programme which focuses on BPO management can help you to brighten up the growth of your career in this domain.

Before discussing about BPO management, let’s give a quick look at what is Business process outsourcing? A BPO is a service providing company which is hired by another organisation to handle its front/back office responsibilities. So BPO is basically a third party company to which other companies outsource their work. BPOs are popular mainly as they save the cost of the company which hire them. BPOs perform marketing, tele calling, tech support functions which are together known as front office outsourcing. They also offer back office support by handling work related to billing, data entry, quality assurance etc.

Online MBA in One (1) year – MIBM Global

A BPO manager’s chief responsibility is to maintain co-ordination between the back end and front office operations of the organisation. A BPO manager must maintain a cordial relationship between the company which is outsourcing and the company which has been outsourced.

A Master degree programme with specialization in BPO management helps you to understand the key requirements to become an efficient BPO manager. This is certainly an interesting career option to look forward to.


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