One year online MBA (MIBM Global)

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One year online MBA (MIBM Global)

Post by mibmg779 on Tue Jul 04, 2017 10:58 am

One year online MBA (MIBM Global)
Two year Master’s of Business Administration is one of the most popular management programme. All those who know their career goals mostly look forward to join a management degree course. Good job opportunities along with good salary make this course all the more wanted. It helps us in better planning and we are mentally prepared for all other impacts of the course. So the question in discussion is why do we have the option to choose between one/two year MBA online?

There are various master degree programmes available in the market. MBA can be done with specialisation in different domains and for different durations. So when we know that MBA Programme is what we need to pull up our career, we must know which programme suits us. Besides regular campus course, online MBA programmes are also available. They are based on the similar study structure as of any traditional management degree course.

One Year MBA

As a student we often get confused between one year online MBA and 2 year online MBA. Since we know the final outcome and importance of both the courses does not vary much. It is always good to decide in advance about the course we are going to join.

Both one year master’s degree and two year master’s programme are equally popular. Continuing with one of them depends upon our requirement. There are some important factors which we must keep in mind before selecting one of the programme.Those who are fresh out of the college and are willing to continue online MBA must go for 2 years MBA programme. The course structure of this programme has been created to make the course interesting for the beginners. The core subjects of the management are taught with other practical exposures.

Two Year MBA

There is a scope for internship to get the first -hand experience of the job market. Longer duration of the course allows you to get an in-depth knowledge of the management theories. This course helps you to slowly bring out your leadership skill and finally prepares you to face the business world confidently. Most of the two years MBA students get placed as soon as they get their degree. A fresher is recruited at the basic managerial level but if you manage to continue with a job while studying online, sky is the limit for you.

Two Year MBA And One Year MBA

One Year online MBA in India is mostly joined by those who are already working or have few years of work experience. One year master degree programme is an accelerated version of two year MBA Course. It has a vast course since all the important aspects of the two year syllabus is covered by this course. This programme skips internship as those who get enrolled, already have work experience. One year MBA is an excellent opportunity for those professionals aiming to rise high in their career.Although online courses have flexibility to study at your own pace, yet one must be prepared to face a hectic schedule.It is of course less expensive than a two year programme.

As far as job and salary are concerned, there is no proved difference between 1year and 2 year MBA programmes. If two year programme lets you have a detailed knowledge of management skills, 1 year MBA programme sharpens your skill and you have work experience along with that.Both the degrees are globally accepted and most of the time your knowledge and experience play a major role in getting a job.

Considering all the above mentioned factors while making a decision to choose an MBA course will help you to take a wise decision. Think properly about your requirements and get enrolled to the management degree programme of your choice.
The 1 year MBA program is designed for diploma holders and graduates. The programme is an amalgamation of unique learning experiences. Our handpicked courses and skill building workshops will cultivate sound knowledge of all critical business functions like Entrepreneurship, Financial Management and Organizational Behaviour.



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